Portraits of Business Partners, Family, Pets and Other Friends 

We also offer hand-painted reproductions of famous works

                            Dance at the Great Wall                                                                     Expanded to Show Detail

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Media: Oil on canvas; or pastel, charcoal or pencil on paper

(in x in)
  Oil Pastel/Charcoal/Pencil

12   X16 $420 $240
16   X20 $700 $400
20   X24 $900 $500
24   X36 $1,760 $1,000
36   X48 $3,320 $1,800

Other sizes available on request.

We are PayPall verified 


       ID 7, Canvass 24" x 48"                                                                Expanded image showing detail

To Order a Portrait
    1) Select the size and medium (canvas/paint; or Paper/pastels,  charcoal or pencil)
    2) Send an e-mail to wengao@warburtonart.com with one or more         
                photographs of the subject.  (more photographs are better)
    3) Include a description of what your would like, for example
                *Create a painting based on photograph
               *Portrait of a person from photograph
                *Any special instructions you may have
     4) We will send you a confirmation e-mail
    5) Time to completion is four weeks, though we will typically 
                get it done sooner.
    6) We will send you a photograph of your painting before shipment, 
                if needed we will modify your painting until you are satisfied
    7) Payment is 50% down with order, final 50% is due upon delivery
              *Cash or money orders only, sorry no personal checks.
    8) Shipping and Handling fees extra, depending on weight and 
                distance (see terms and conditions)

All portraits subject to our standard terms and conditions.

        Framing is available, price depends on frame size and style